8/13/2022 5:41:33 AM
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Balboa Vacations is pleased to announce a new employee benefit that offers savings for personal hotel & car rental reservations. Employee Travel Specials is a new program with our partner and provides over 60,000 exclusive hotel deals world-wide that can offer significant savings for your personal travel plans. The program is designed for the personal travel of Balboa Clients and their families--with no added costs or booking fees.

Along with consistently low rates, new highlighted specials are posted every week; check often to take advantage of special offers provided and serviced by Balboa’s partner. Please note this is for non-business travel only.

To begin saving on your next personal trip, log in above using your email address. Click here for assistance with hotel reservations in Hawaii, Mexico, the Maldives and the Seychelles.

Exclusive access to over 60,000 hotel deals!